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 Set up Dynamic DNS on Netgear Router

The following steps will explain how to set up Dynamic DNS on Netgear Router.
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As it would be taxing to input series of unique numbers for each computer that shall connect to your network, the use of a Domain Name System (DNS) will help you connect faster.

Dynamic DNS is used in connections that changes IP addresses frequently. It can be set up through the advanced DNS menu so that, whenever the domain is used, the router will use the current IP.

To set it up, go to http://www.dyndns.com and create an account. Your account will be verified through the email that you gave when you signed up.

Click the link sent through your email to confirm your account sign up or it shall be terminated if not accessed within 48 hours.
Once you click the confirmation link from your email, you will be redirected to the "Account Confirm" page.
Click on "Create a dynamic DNS host within our Free domains". This will open the Dynamic DNS page.
The Dynamic DNS page allows you to set up a free DNS hosting service.
Start by clicking on the "Get Started" button which is found on the upper right side of the page.

You will be directed to a page where you can set up your new hostname.
For your "Hostname", type in your hostname and select one from 88 different domains from the drop-down menu. Get one that you can easily remember. For "Service Type", click "Host with IP Address".

For "IP Address", you can use your external IP address. If you are not sure, you can find it by typing in your browser http://www.mycamip.com. Click "Create Host" to finalise settings for your hostname.
After you have finished, you might be directed to the "Billing Checkout" page. Since this service is free, just click on "Next".
The next page will be the "Free Services Checkout". Simply click on "Activate Services" to activate your dynamic DNS hostname.
Once you have activated your dynamic DNS hostname, there will be a table which will show your new hostname.
In order to finalise the setup, the dynamic DNS details should be entered into the Netgear router to ensure that the service will always be updated in case there is a change in your external IP address.

Start by logging in to your Netgear account and click on "Dynamic DNS" option from the main menu on the left pane.
On the "Dynamic DNS" page, mark the box "Use a Dynamic DNS Service".
Go to Your Service Provider at www.DynDNS.org .Your Hostname should be your newly created hostname.
Type in the username and password that you used when you created your account.
To finalise your settings, click "Apply".
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