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 Samsung Washing Machine door won't open

The following steps will explain why and what to do if the door on your Samsung Washing Machine will not open.
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Once the washing machine has started during the complete cycle, the door cannot be opened for safety reasons. You can only open the door after the 'Door lock' icon turns off or after the wash cycle is complete. Wait at least 3 minutes after the end of the wash cycle before you try to open the washing machine door.


If the door is still not opening try resetting the washer manually.

Resetting the washer.

Unplug the washer and leave it for some time say about 15 minutes and then plug it back. The washing machine programming would have been reset and now again check if the door opens.


The door release button may be stuck at times. If this is the case, switch off the mains completely and apply slight pressure to the door to release.

If the door lock/release button is damaged then it needs to be repaired/replaced.


Check if you have selected the 'Rinse Hold' option. If so, cancel out the option.

This Rinse hold option suspends the clothes in final rinse wash. Always remember to cancel this option after use.

Check if the 'Child Lock' option is not set. This child lock option locks the buttons on control assembly to prevent tampering. You must deactivate the child lock before you access any other function.

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