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 Panasonic Microwave won't turn on

The following step will explain why and how to fix a Panasonic Microwave that will not turn on.
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Your Panasonic microwave may not be turning on for a number of reasons. Look at the chart below for causes and solutions of Panasonic microwaves not turning on.

Cause Solution
The microwave is not plugged into a power supply.
Check the microwave plug is plugged into a working plug socket. The plug socket you're using could also be broken. Plug the microwave into a plug socket you are sure is working.
There is a power cut.
Try switching a light on, If the light does not turn on there is a power cut. Wait for your power supply to be restored and try using the microwave again.
The fuse in the plug has blown.
Change the fuse.
The internal thermal fuse has blown.
Take your microwave to a Panasonic authorised engineer to have the fuse changed.

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