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 MySpace IM not working

The following steps will explain why your IM may not be working and what to do if your MySpace Instant Messenger is not running properly.
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The MySpace Instant Messenger, although being in all respects an effective chat tool, also has its own share of problems. There may be times when a user is unable to load MySpace IM, to sign in, to send or receive instant messages, or to see who's online. This may result from a number of different causes.

For some users, the problem is that even though they can sign in properly, they are unable to see which of their contacts are online. More often than not, they can still send and receive instant messages.

In such a scenario, the most probable cause is that the MySpace IM did not refresh. Reloading your MySpace page doesn't automatically reload MySpace IM. This must be done separately.

Some users are either unable to load MySpace IM at all, or experience periodical freezing. However, when they sign in from an IM web platform such as meebo.com or ebuddy.com, they can chat with their MySpace friends with no problem at all.

This may be due to corrupted or outdated software. The best fix for such a situation is to uninstall MySpace IM and download and install the latest version.

Another possible reason for problems with MySpace IM are internet connectivity, browser, or proxy server issues.

If this is the case, you can try reconnecting to the internet, switching browsers, deleting your internet cache, or using a free web proxy.

Finally, it may be that your browser or firewall is blocking ActiveX controls. You either need to edit your browser options or give ActiveX administrator privileges.
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