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 Miele Dishwasher Error Code F11

The following steps will explain the meaning of Error Code F11 on your Miele Dishwasher, and how to resolve it.
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The F11 error code indicates a drainage error on the Miele dishwasher. The used water inside the dishwasher has not been drained off. The error displays as “Drain fault F11” and the buzzer is triggered for 2 minutes.
This error happens when the heater pressure switch discovers that the water level is very high, which means that a large amount of water residue remains inside. This condition prolongs the draining time of the Miele dishwasher. If the water level remains at a high level even after a prolonged draining time, the fault code F11 is then activated and displayed.
F11 error is caused by the following problems:

1. The drain hose is twisted.
2. The valves are blocked.
3. The drain pump is faulty.
4. Unfamiliar or foreign objects inside the heater pressure switch.
5. The heater relay is not working.
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