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 Kaspersky application launch failed

The following steps will explain what to do if you are getting the error "Previous application launch failed", and how to fix it
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There are three reasons why Kaspersky Antivirus may crash. One could be an incompatibility with software; second is a malfunction with your operating system and, third is a malfunction on the antivirus itself.
Kaspersky has the capability to send crash dumps of the application to the developers of Kaspersky for analysis. When this happens, the crash dump will be made and a display message will say "Previous application launch failed" and will let you select the reports you want to send.
Keep in mind that Kaspersky Lab will analyse the created crash dumps but you will not get any response.
In order to fix this, Kaspersky recommends that you send a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support service with the following data: (1) an application crash dump (2) a copy of a report on the GetSystemInfo utility; and (3) a detailed description of the incident report.
Also make sure that you are running the latest software version for optimal use.
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