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 Google Mail saying error 793

The following steps will explain the meaning of Google Mail error 793, and how to fix it
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Google mail is one of the most known free email service. It is provided by Google to compete with Yahoo's Yahoo Email Service. Google mail services 350 millions users worldwide. This guide explains what is the google mail 793 error and how to go about this problem. Read through this guide and learn more.

When uncounted with an error 793 while accessing your Gmail, it only means that Gmail is having some problems in its response time for opening messages, switching labels, etc. This happens when there is a conflict between softwares in your computer, or a temporary problem on the Gmail server.

To resolve this issue, you can:

a) Switch to another browser. You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari are examples of browsers.
b) You can clear the cache where your temporary visited sites or stored to load your browser faster.

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