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 Dell monitor is fuzzy

The following steps will explain why your Dell monitor is fuzzy, and how to fix it
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VGA cable: The fuzzy images may be caused by VGA analogy cable. Try the digital DVI cables that improves image quality.
Incorrect settings: Your monitor settings may reset itself causing the screen fuzzy problem. To fix this, consider factory reset your monitor to its original settings. To do this, press on the "Menu" button then choose "Restore Factory Settings." option. Alternatively, you can unplug the cable connecting your monitor to the PC to reset it.
Electronic interference also may cause the fuzzy images .To fix this, consider unplugging any cordless handsets, applications or speakers, which may be connected near your monitor. These gadgets normally create electromagnetic field that can blur pictures or cause picture distortion.
Screen resolution: The fuzzy images may also be caused by wrong screen resolution settings. Consider increasing your Dell monitor's screen resolution. To do this, simply right-click on your Desktop then select Display properties option. Click on Settings tab and drag the bar for Screen Resolution towards the right-hand side to increase the screen resolution or left-hand side to reduce the resolution.
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