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 Change TalkTalk Landline Phone number

The following steps will explain how to change your TalkTalk's landline number.
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For you to change your number on Talk Talk landline phone, you must first contact the customer service to provide you with the details on how to perform the task.
The other step is to visit the website to be able to get all the possible details necessary for you to be able to change your landline phone numbers. To access the website click here.
Within the website page on the upper-right hand side click on the "customer help". A new page will appear that will enable you to type your question.
Type your question, e.g 'Can I change my land line phone number?' into the search box and then click search and various results will be provided for you that will enable you to choose the most convenient solution of changing your TalkTalk landline phone number.
If there is no better solution for changing the TalkTalk landline phones then you can contact your landline phone company to give you the necessary details for changing your phone number.
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