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 An LG dvd player wont read a dvd disc

The following information will give information on why your LG dvd player won't read dvd discs
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If you are experiencing disc errors on your DVD or your DVD is not reading the disc, this could be due to the following reasons.
  • the format of the disc is not supported
  • The disc is damaged or dirty
  • The optical lens is dirty.
  • First check the format of the dvd
If the dvd won't play be sure to check your disc format and if it is supported by the dvd player. Although most DVD players support a wide array of audio and video formats, there are some formats which may not be compatible to your player. (ie. Blue ray disc) Be sure to check your manual for compatibility issues.

  • Clean the dvd disc
If you have a compatible dvd format and you are still experiencing this error, check if your disc has been damaged by visually inspecting it. If it has deep scratches along the middle, that may be the cause.

You can also try cleaning the disc before inserting it into the dvd player. Use a clean cloth to wipe the disc from center to the edge and not in a circular motion.

  • Clean the optical lens
If the problem is still present, you may need to clean the optical lens. The lens is inside the player so you need to purchase a lens cleaner disk or cleaner. A dvd cleaner should be available in an electronic store near you.
If all these fixes do not help, you may have some problems with your hardware or software, You can call for support by dialing

0844 847 5454(National call Rate)

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm
Bank Holidays: Close
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