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 'Error Code 13' on a Bosch Washing Machine

The following steps will explain the meaning of an Error Code 13 on a Bosch Washing Machine, and how to rectify it.
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Reason: The drain or pump is blocked.

Solution: Clean any debris that causes this problem.
In order to remove the debris causing the problem, first, you have to locate a round door seen on the front side of the machine. Insert a small screwdriver or a pointed object in the hole seen on the round door.

Then, rotate the hole in the clockwise direction to a 6'oclock position to release the door.
After removing the door, you can locate a 4" plastic cap having wings.
Unscrew the plastic cap covering the pump filter using your hand. At this point, you need to slowly unscrew so that the water does not come out in huge volume. Keep unscrewing it until it is completely free. Remove the cap you have unscrewed; now, you may see the object that caused this error. If so, remove it.

Reverse these steps to secure the removed items back.
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